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Mobile Security

With the release of our new mobile app, MCFCU would like to inform our members on how to protect your private and personal information while using your mobile device. We encourage you to utilize as many of these as possible to ensure maximum protection.

  1. Use a security lock screen for your mobile device. Nearly all mobile devices have at least one method of security to prevent access to your device. A password or fingerprint scan is the best way to lock your phone from intruders; a pattern or PIN also works well. Check with your carrier, manufacturer, or owner’s manual for information on your specific device.
  2. Select “log off” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen whenever you have finished using the MCFCU app. This will require anyone who opens the app to provide your login information to access your account.
  3. Keep your software up to date. Some devices have software that the manufacturer will update to ensure that your smartphone, tablet, or other device is at its peak operating condition. These will often include security updates and bug fixes, among other improvements. Check with your carrier, manufacturer, or owner’s manual on how to update your specific device.
  4. Avoid logging in to your account on free or unsecured wifi networks. Use a connection you trust to view your account information, like a home network or your mobile carrier. Free and unsecured wifi networks (such as those in restaurants, public libraries, etc.) can be easily accessed by hackers and other malicious users, and are best used for casual web browsing.
  5. Consider installing a reputable antivirus app. Just like a computer, a smartphone or tablet can be infected with a virus or malware; installing an antivirus app can help prevent any attacks on your mobile device.
  6. Only download apps via a trusted app store (i.e., Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon, etc.). These providers screen and test each app that is available for download in their respective stores, protecting you from downloading malicious software.

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