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Club Accounts

Our Club accounts are a great way to start saving for vacation, Christmas, or just about anything else! Each account can be started any time for free and earns the same interest rate as your Share Savings account. When combined with payroll deduction, you can choose an amount to be deposited with each paycheck and watch your savings grow, hassle-free!

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Christmas Club

A Christmas Club account is perfect for making sure you’re ready for those holiday expenses when they come along. Everything you have saved will be deposited into your Share account in early October; early withdrawals are charged a $5.00 fee.

Vacation Club

With our Vacation Club account you can start saving for the vacation you’ve always wanted. Use with our payroll deduction to have a set amount transferred from your direct deposit every payday, and then withdraw any time you’re ready to go!


Create a savings account for any purpose, need, or life event, and withdraw as soon as you need it! Perfect way to save for a house, car, wedding, child, or anything else you can think of.

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